Buy Used Copiers & Save Money

Buy Used COPIERS and Save Money

A used copier is going to cost you 50% to 70% less than a comparable new model copier.

Whether you require a used wide-ranging copy, print, scan and fax speeds with advanced finishing options, or simply just need a used black-and-white output used copier, we will provide you with the right used copier solution.

If you’d like to get a quote on a used copier, please give us a call … Our skilled sales team is dedicated to buying used copiers that will provide our customers with a solution to their printing needs, quickly and afford-ably, and our on-site technicians evaluate and restore these large used office machines before the product leaves the warehouse.

international shippingWhether you are interested in buying 1, 5 or 500 used copiers our staff  is looking forward to assisting you every step of the way.

We ship your used copiers in days after your purchase so your used copier arrives on time along with using transportation partners that utilize “air ride” tractor trailers.

We also provide advanced preparation of your pre-owned copier includes several layers of heavy gauge stretch wrap to keep it clean and together as well as providing shipping blankets.

Your copier is completely insured while it ships to your location, so you might want to visually inspect your copier to make sure it is in good condition and was not damaged in shipping. You may not need a loading dock, but it might require some creative thinking on your part to receive your used copier delivery. Your driver will wait up to 30 minutes allowing you ample time to report any damage upon receiving your pre-owned copiers.

We specialize in selling low-meter well-kept recent model of used copiers to domestic dealerships, while the older used copier machines go to our foreign buyers.