Everyone Starts Somewhere

Town Business Center has come a long way since it opened its “shoe box sized operation in February of 1993,” as Libenson refers to his very first location.

Used CopierTo put the growth his business has generated into perspective, his current location (which he switched five times over the course of time to accommodate the influx of inventory), is 90 times the size of that original shoe box sized office.

“I had six copiers as a starting inventory, $200 in cash, a $4,000 line of credit, and a beat-up Chrysler minivan,” he recalls. Libenson says this matter-of-factly, seemingly unaware of the odds he overcame.

Entrepreneurship is inarguably risky; a business surviving past its first year is equivalent to flipping a coin and choosing heads or tails. His coin landed right side up. In eleven months, Town Business Center’s 1993 end of year revenues were over $100,000, a solid number for a brand new business in those days.

With the growth of the little invention called the Internet, an entire new world of opportunity presented itself. Located in Northeastern PA, Town Business Center is located only two hours from two port cities, New York City and Philadelphia. With this geographic advantage, the business was able to dive into exporting. For the past 15 years it has been cultivating relationships in countries with developing economies, primarily in South America and Asia.

The export-focused wholesale business model was the driving factor for the company’s ability to not only survive, but actually thrive throughout the 2008 economic crash. While most businesses were hurt or forced to close up shop during this time period, TBC gracefully weathered that storm and seized opportunity in foreign markets with a devalued dollar.

We Need Copiers to Sell Copiers
Town Business Center will buy your used copiers, all major brands including Canon copiers, Kyocera Mita copiers, Konica Minolta copiers,Toshiba copiers and Ricoh copiers.

Used Copier
We buy thousands of used copiers every month from companies throughout the contiguous United States of America and Canada and we pay cash up front along with taking care of all transportation costs.

Sell your high quality brand-name used copiers, used copy machines or used Wide-Format & used Commercial Printers, such as used Toshiba, used Ricoh, used Canon, used Sharp, used Konica used Minolta, used Kyocera, used Panasonic to us, you can be sure we will recycle 100% of this resource and keep it out of the landfill.